On 31st of October 2005, when DGA become operational, the Anti-corruption free-of-charge line – 0800.806.806 was launched and it became a very useful working instrument in the relation with the citizens. The Anti-corruption free-of-charge line […]

“Nothing  is  more  dangerous  for  the conscience  of  a  nation  than  the  view  of corruption and of undeserved rewards […]. This view hinders the people’s trust in the value of hard work and meritocracy” Mihai […]

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Countering corruption activity of DGA is carried out by judicial police officers specialized in investigating corruption deeds. They are divided in two Directorates: Criminal Investigations Directorate and Intelligence Directorate. The objectives of the two directorates […]


  • Vineri, 17 Martie 2017

    17 March 2017

    Nr. 817632 Din 17.03.2017 LISTA CANDIDAŢILOR care nu îndeplinesc condiţiile de participare la concursul organizat de Direcţia Generală Anticorupţie pentru încadrarea postului de şef serviciu la Serviciul Judeţean Anticorupţie Satu Mare. Listă candidați care nu […]