On 31st of October 2005, when DGA become operational, the Anti-corruption free-of-charge line – 0800.806.806 was launched and it became a very useful working instrument in the relation with the citizens. The Anti-corruption free-of-charge line […]

“Nothing  is  more  dangerous  for  the conscience  of  a  nation  than  the  view  of corruption and of undeserved rewards […]. This view hinders the people’s trust in the value of hard work and meritocracy” Mihai […]

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Countering corruption activity of DGA is carried out by judicial police officers specialized in investigating corruption deeds. They are divided in two Directorates: Criminal Investigations Directorate and Intelligence Directorate. The objectives of the two directorates […]


  • Vineri, 29 Iulie 2016

    29 July 2016

    Nr. 769863 din 29.07.2016 Rezultatele examenului de promovare în treapta profesională imediat superioară pentru funcţiile de muncitor calificat I (instalator alimentări cu apă) şi muncitor calificat I (fochist) la Serviciul Logistic din Direcţia Generală Anticorupţie. […]