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General presentation

MARAMUREŞ COUNTY ANTI-CORRUPTION DEPARTMENT is headed by Mr. chief Commissioner Liviu-Constantin GROZAVU.

Since its deployment the MARAMUREŞ COUNTY ANTI-CORRUPTION DEPARTMENT has been monitoring all complaints from the citizens, has been conducting penal investigations and the officers within this service are delegated by Anti-corruption National Directorate from Public Ministry according to the competencies mentioned in legal provisions.
On public relations field counseling activities were conducted within all offices, according with the audience schedule.
MARAMUREŞ COUNTY ANTI-CORRUPTION DEPARTMENT had the transparent approach over the relation with the citizens, which led to increasing the image capital of law enforcement agencies.

Mun. Baia Mare, str. Tineretului nr. 2, camera 36 (în sediul Poliţiei Municipiului Baia Mare), jud. Maramureş

Contacts points:
Phones: 0262/207.264


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